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PennDot Questions:


1.  Will you give me a registration, tags with the sticker at this location?
Yes, we give you on the spot everything except the title which usually takes an average a week or two to arrive to your Postal address.

2.  I have insurance but I didn't bring it with me, what can I do?
That is no problem, you can call your insurance agent or company and have them fax or email us a proof of insurance. Our Fax number is (610) 258-1670 and our email is natynotary@gmail.com.

3.  I just moved in from out-of-state, I haven't acquired a PA license or ID yet, can I still register my vehicle?
Unfortunately, the answer is No. Pennsylvania requires that you have a current valid PA License or ID to register any vehicle.

4.  I have a PA title, but the owner hasn't signed the title yet, can I register the vehicle & the owner go after wards to sign the PA title?
The answer is No. Pennsylvania requires the PA title to be signed and notarized before it can be registered by the new owner. But there are other options if both the seller and the buyer can not make it at the same time. Give us a call to discuss these options.

5.  I have recently moved, but haven't changed the address on my PA License/ID, will this be a problem?
This is not a major problem, you can go to PennDots website and change your address free of charge. Make sure you have this done and bring proof of the new address. (A print-out of the change of address off your computer is sufficient enough)

6.  I want to register a vehicle. I already have tags from another vehicle, can I transfer these tags?
Yes, you will be able to transfer your plates but be aware when you transfer these plates, your registration does not automatically renew for another year. That registration will expire on the same date as you had with the previous vehicle. We can renew your registration if you would like when you transfer your tags.

7. Do you have a messenger service?
Yes! We have weekly messenger service to PennDot in Harrisburg for all your PennDot needs.

8. I lost my title but have a copy, can I register this vehicle with the copy of my title?
No, we need the original title, we can use our messenger service to help you get a duplicate PA title. After you receive the duplicate PA title that is in your name, you will be able to register your vehicle.

9. What is PennDots phone number and website?
The phone number is 1-800-932-4600.  Click here for a direct link to PennDot's website.